Q: WHAT type of industries do you serve?

A: We are willing to help any business that turns their lights on and has a real opportunity and desire to improve their lighting by switching to LED. We specialize in large industrial, manufacturing, school systems, and sports complexes.


Q: my company has to have three bids on any large project. can you do that as part of your tuRNkey program?

A: Most definitely. Running the operations of your facility each day is challenging enough. One of our focus areas is taking that burden from our customer by handling product and installation bids. We conduct our evaluation process, create a scope of work with you, facilitate the bid process, and present you with the results so you can feel confident knowing you are making a sound business decision without having to monopolize your time in the process.


Q: what if i have an electrical contractor i want to use for my project?

A: Our expectation is to serve your needs. We have worked with many different electrical contractors, maintenance teams, and hands on owners to facilitate projects. If you have an existing electrical contractor you feel most comfortable having in your building, just give us their contact information and we will take it from there to make sure we collaborate effectively with them to achieve the expectations for the project.



A: We do have multiple lending options available for businesses and organizations. Financing options available will be determined by meeting required credit standards for eligible financing avenues.


Q: How long does the evaluation process take?

A: While there are exceptions to every rule, and this process can be faster or slower depending on certain factors (complexity of project, bid process, special conditions, etc.), a non-bid evaluation and solution proposal is generally produced and ready for approval in 5-7 business days after the evaluation has been completed.


Q: What is the level of evaluation you are completing, and what is the cost?

A: We complete an ASHRAE Level II walk-through evaluation for all lighting in each facility. We inventory every light by location, type, and quantity. We speak to key personnel throughout each facility to gather necessary information to insure we are providing the correct solution for each unique environment. The result of this evaluation is a complete lighting energy usage report and proposal. All calculations are based on real-time information gathered, and presented in a straight forward method that allows you to best understand what improvements are available, the financial investment required to take advantage of those improvements, and the return on that investment produced by the savings created through energy efficiency gained. Cost varies by building size, and is deducted from any approved turnkey project. You can check out the details below:


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