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Identify REAL Opportunities. Present SIMPLE Solutions. Serve with INTEGRITY.


you have your checklist. you know your budget. we know how to work seamlessly with you on both Of them to produce the best solutions for you.



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Every business and organization has processes to follow and budgets to work from. When upgrading the entire facility just isn’t and option, that shouldn’t keep you from being able to make positive changes by converting to LED as youre finances allow. Our project based program is specialized to focus on key indicators and goals for whatever scope of project that is presented.



When your projects are not emergencies, and you are prioritizing them, rank the one that pays for itself the fastest first. Those savings snowball and give your business a head start on paying for the NEXT project.



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Once you’ve prioritized and planned, you need to create a clean scope of work and set of expectations for your LED project. Whether it is your first project with us, or your fifth, we approach each one with the same diligent attention to detail. We ask the right questions based and each unique scenario, share ideas from our relevant experience, and collaborate with you to carry out the plan and make certain that every project a successful one.



Don’t forget the rebate! Many utility companies offer rebates to their customers for making the conversion to LED. We can help you maximize your ROI by filing your rebate application for you.




We operate on a simple and sincere mindset. Business is built on relationships. Good business is built on trusting relationships. We believe that serving you well on your project provides us the best opportunity to take care of you on your next project, and the best avenue of growing our business through referrals and word of mouth. The easier it is for you to work with us, the more likely you will be to turn to us again and recommend us to others.



“I have talked to many of the coaches and they have been so excited to go into the gym now and have the constant buzz gone from the lights. They now do not have to compete with the noise they used to make. When we looked at the comparisons from before the amps draw has been cut in half. This will definitely reduce the cost of electricity. The install went flawless and they were very professional.”

~ Mark Haldeman - Director of Facilities

Cedarville University